Print Media is not a printing company. I prepare images and files for print. Lets say you want to make an ad for a magazine or a flyer to hand out and promote your product. Were do you start? You could go to your local printer and tell them what you want and get a generic clipart design that is based on a template used for everyone. You end up unhappy and pay way too much as well. can design your advert to really grab the attention of your target audience. I work with the printer of your choice to make sure the file is set up to their specifications. This saves you the headache of having to do a crash course printing lesson. I have the experience and understand the printer lingo to get your print media looking great with all the info you want and ready for print.
Whether it is  flyers, post cards, posters, magazine ads, catalogs, brochures, or even trailer wraps. I can help. Contact me and lets get started!


Magazine Layouts

A portfolio of a few of my favorite Layouts and covers….

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Print Advertising

A sample portfolio of RonnyMac created printed ads…

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Trailer Wraps

A portfolio of RonnyMac trailer wraps…

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Posters and Flyers

A portfolio of RonnyMac created posters and flyers……

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